In the interest of transparency and full understanding of Full Stop Technics’ business practices, policies and requirements, we provide the following Terms and Conditions which apply to compliance programs that Full Stop Technics, its Team Associates, suppliers, vendors, business partners and customers must adhere to. The page will then contain the following text links:

Full Stop Corporate Trade Compliance Policy - Rev11012019

Full Stop FAA and EASA Part 145 

Compliance - Rev11012019Full Stop SUP Compliance - Rev11012019

Full Stop Technics is fully committed to complying with all U.S. laws and regulations governing our business, including those pertaining to importing and exporting goods, as well as to observing the legal requirements of the countries where our subsidiaries are located.  We believe that complete compliance and transparency are essential to providing customers with the best, most professional support services. To that end the company, its associates and its subsidiaries that import and export, whether directly or indirectly, adhere to all Export/Import regulations and requirements. 

An "import" is broadly defined to include: all goods physically brought into the United States, including: (1) Goods of foreign origin, and (2) Goods of domestic origin returned to the United States without substantial transformation affecting a change in tariff classification under an applicable rule of origin.

An "export" is broadly defined to include: the physical shipment of an item out of the United States; mailing or hand-carrying technical documents out of the country; electronic transmission (e.g. email, internet download, etc.) of technical data and/or software out of the country; as well as the release to foreign nationals either in the U.S. or abroad of technical data, in any form (e.g. plant tours, demonstrations, meetings, etc.)

We ask each of our associates, parts suppliers and customers to act responsibly when handling international shipments or controlled technology.  This includes becoming familiar with the implications of the applicable import and export laws and regulations prior to making commitments, and assuring that all necessary certifications, approvals and documentation accompany the goods in question.

To facilitate the proper conduct of international trading, Full Stop Technics has appointed a dedicated  Trade Compliance Manager tasked with the responsibility to ensure that the required import and export control processes, checks and procedures are implemented throughout the company and its subsidiaries, and that the Compliance Policy and all U.S. laws and regulation are observed.

We are grateful for the participation, understanding and support of our associates, vendors, suppliers, business partners and customers in these endeavors. 

Full Stop Technics takes great pride in having achieved approval from both the United States Federal Aviation Administration and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency to operate as a Certified Repair Station.  To achieve and maintain this essential certification is a core mission for the company and to that end all Full Stop Technics team associates, vendors, suppliers, business partners and customers are required to adhere to the rigorous FAA and EASA Repair Station regulations and requirements. Our methods of compliance are thoroughly reviewed, evaluated, and tested, and our programs and operations meet and exceed the highest technical standards.  Thus our customers can be assured their Full Stop Technics repairs and parts are fully compliant with all air safety regulations and truly airworthy.  

Full Stop Technics is committed to full compliance with the US Federal Aviation Administration’s Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUP) program.  This vital protection assures that no unauthorized or counterfeit parts are used in the repair and maintenance of aircraft. To this end, all Full Stop Technics Team Associates, our subsidiaries and our vendors, suppliers and business partners are actively involved in the parts verification and documentation process; they stand ready to reject and report any non-SUP compliant parts.  

Our commitment to our customers:  we will work aggressively to assure that only approved parts are used in the repair of their aircraft and that all necessary origination documents and operating certificates accompany them.  We ask that our suppliers and customers do the same. Air safety depends on all of us.