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Event Brief:

e part of the discussion, debate, challenges and successes as the industry ramps-up into a new era of acceleration and innovation.

  • State of the MRO Market: Forecast & Key Trends
  • Meeting MRO Demand in the Ramp Up 
  • State of the Airlines - US Airlines present their latest Fleet and Maintenance Strategies
  • Top 5 Supply Chain Hurdles and How to Overcome Them
  • The OEMs Speak: Working with Suppliers to Meet Ambitious Production Rates
  • Alternative Propulsion Systems 
  • How to Turn Your Workforce Dilemmas into Actionable Plans – From Strategic Partnerships and Apprenticeship Programs to Competitive Gaming and Modern Career Platforms
  • The New Competitive Advantage: How Flexibility and Increased System Monitoring Will Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Engine Maintenance and MRO Capacity 
  • USM Strategies and Future Outlook
  • Cybersecurity for Airlines & MROs

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