Full Stop Technics takes Return Merchandise Authorization to a new level of efficiency and customer service with the implementation of its innovative “Point of Pickup Processing”, or POPP, advanced shipment notification system.

Clients whose parts and assemblies are in need of repair can jump-start the process with POPP from Full Stop. Their parts inspection and repairs begin as soon as they upload information into our online repairs portal and prepare a shipped order to us.

This POPP action initiates an alert to the Full Stop repair team, notifying them a component, part or assembly is on its way to us for servicing. This advanced customer service feature gives us a head-start on the repair, allowing us to queue up the necessary tools and replacement components, schedule the required repair and test facilities, and ready our inspection, repair and certification team for the incoming job.

Thanks to POPP, we’re set to begin the process as soon as the incoming part hits our shop floor, shaving valuable time off of the repair process – reducing turnaround time by 48 hours or more. All of which means, Full Stop clients realize a higher quality repair in a shorter period of time. A neat solution to a vexing problem… after all, keeping aircraft flying and earning revenue is what it’s all about.